Best of both worlds

As the new leader of our government made the horrible decision to drop Pirates Week, he should have consulted the businesses that get a lift from this happening of over 30 years.

Jim Bodden did not create Pirates Week to be dropped for arbitrary and capricious reasons or political opportunism.

Whatever the motive, this was not well thought out. Right out of the box, our fearless leader made a decision that affects 30 years of prosperity for our businesses, large and small, without even consulting them, contrary to what he has been saying when he took over.

I want to see this government do well because we all do well if it does. We can’t eliminate successful activities that make our country thrive in times when we need it most and it puts us on the map. It’s just not smart or good business practices.

Change the name to Pirates Festival and let it last for a week and then also hold a Heritage Week. Don’t mix the Heritage Week festivities with the Pirates Festival activities, with all being able to visit whatever venue they want. This is total freedom of choice in a democratic way.

If our leader does not change his decision, then it should be voted on in the Legislative Assembly and if not passed it should go to a referendum. This is too big a mistake to go unanswered.

Albert Jackson