More recycled paper needed

Businesses and offices in Cayman have donated more than 40 boxes of paper for pre-school children to draw on in recent months.

The pre-schools are appealing for recycled paper so children can paint and draw on the blank side.

The appeal started with Kids Adventures Pre-school earlier this year and has received an enthusiastic response from businesses across the island.

‘We’ve received about 40 cases of paper, but also envelopes, posters, old wall calendars. They’re all useable and the children love them,’ said Cheyenna Stewart, president of the Kids Adventures Pre-school PTA. ‘But it’s still not enough.’

‘We’re still looking for more. If anyone has extra paper, just call us and someone from the school will come pick up the paper,’ she said.

Ms Stewart said envelopes came in handy so that the school could send home drawings and paintings the children made in school to their parents.

On Wednesday, she made a delivery of recycled paper to New Testament Pre-school. Although Kids Adventures started the initiative, it is sharing extra paper with other pre-schools.

Jean Watt, a teacher at New Testament, pointing at children cutting white pages with scissors, said: ‘We use paper for all kinds of arts and crafts. Cutting paper shapes helps the kids with their motor skills. We don’t have a lot of paper right now, so all donations are welcome.’

Ms Stewart and Ms Watt admitted that when cash is tight at pre-schools, the first thing that is dropped is new school supplies, including paper and drawing materials.

‘There is really not a lot of money available for pre-schools, so every little bit helps,’ said Ms Stewart.