BritCay unveils post-disaster facility

Insurance company British Caymanian unveiled a temporary portable post-disaster business continuity office last week, a facility which will aid customers and insurers in the event of a catastrophe

Post-disaster facility

MMI Technology Groups Joseph ONeill overlooks the system with BritCays Melanie Hulse. Photo: Jewel Levy

The self-sufficient facility, which can house up to 30 staff members performing normal day-to-day business operations, will be used for claims processing in the event of damage to its main facility during a disaster.

It is designed to be packaged and quickly deployed and can be mobilised, set-up and in operation in less than 24 hours.

The aluminium-framed soft-walled facility consisting of four compartments – two claims sections, an IT room and a reception area which is powered by a 140 kilowatt generator delivering power to emergency servers, PCs and an air-conditioning system.

The unit needs no tools – just hands and clips – and is held down by huge water bags and can withstand winds up to 50mph.

The facility can also be used as a community medical clinic to quarantine and isolate in the event of a disaster. It can also serve as command and control centre and help with those left homeless.

In order for residents to become more familiarised with the facility an open house was held at BritCay House last Tuesday.

At the open house Brad Matchung, president of Design Shelter Inc., showcased the unit. Mr. Matchung took visitors through the portable unit along with Colonial’s Group International Ian Cummings; BritCay’s Derry Graham and John Cameron; and MMI technology Group’s Joseph O’Neill.