Precious metals as Kirk Freeport

The Cayman Islands retailer Kirk Freeport announced it had begun to begin selling gold and silver coins in addition to bullion.

The products will be available to all consumers in both small individual quantities for jewellery or aesthetic value, as well as special bulk orders for the purpose of investment.

The gold and silver products are currently available for purchase at the Bayshore Mall location, and range from collectible and commemorative one-ounce gold and silver coins to bulk ingots.

Christopher Kirkconnell, vice president of operations at Kirk Freeport, said investors typically buy gold for potential financial gain from increasing gold prices or as a safeguard against economic or currency based crises.

‘In this economic climate and with the drop in the highest price ever of gold in 2008, it is a good time to make such an investment,’ she said.

‘Investment aside, purchasers have the sentimental and aesthetic value of physically owning one of the world’s most precious metals.’