FAST show

Fear Adrenal Stress Training is now ensconced in most Cayman residents’ psyche. Hundreds have already attended at least one self defence session and thousands are aware of the great confidence and empowering force it generates.

FAST Defense reached many more people on Saturday when instructor Bob Daigle held a demonstration at the Proving Ground V show.

Onlookers were impressed with the techniques the girls and women being attacked by bulletmen used to defend themselves.

The girls, Dineah, 10, and Chineah, eight, are Bob’s daughters and they captured the audiences’s hearts.

There are more FAST Defense seminars this weekend. FAST Defense founders Bill Kipp and Debra Thomas are coming over from Boulder, Colorado for the last sessions before a summer break. Seminars will resume in September.

Daigle said: ‘We still have openings for the Adult Basics seminar this Saturday June 27 from 9am-12:30pm and the Defence against Armed Assailants on Sunday 9am-1:00pm at the Prep School on Smith Road.

‘I really appreciate the support from all our sponsors, especially Coldwell Banker, Dollar Car Rental and the Ramada Grand Caymanian Resort for providing accommodation for Bill and Debra.’

To book and for more information, ring Bob Daigle on: 925-6946 or email: [email protected].