Lasek will dazzle at Black Pearl

Skateboarding superstar Bucky Lasek arrives in Cayman for five days today and is looking forward to the trip.

‘I’ve been to Cayman once before, a year ago and loved it,’ he said. ‘Your skate park is humongus, one of the best in the world.’

Local skateboarders are blessed right now. Two weeks ago they had another top name here for a few days in Shaun White.

American Lasek will have fun at the Black Pearl Park in Grand Harbour, which is the second biggest in the world.

‘I’ll help around the park, hang out, have a question and answers session and offer my goodwill and show some skills,’ he said.

A spectacular performer, his specialities are big ramps. ‘I’ve been doing this for 24 years now, so I should be pretty good at it,’ he laughed.

Lasek, 36, is married with three children aged 11, nine and 18 months. He usually travels with his family but they’ve all recently been on two vacations and this time he’ll leave them at home in Olivenhain, California.

Lasek turned pro for Powell Peralta in 1990 — but by this time, skateboarding and vert skating particularly began to lose popularity and his career waned.

When ESPN took vert skating under its wing as part of the X Games in the mid-1990s, Lasek’s career made a comeback and he soon became one of the most recognizable skateboarders.

Today, Lasek is regarded as one of the most consistent vert skateboarders in the sport.

He frequently masters tricks that are considered too gimmicky and technical by most riders to do in a contest, and lands them with stunning regularity.

Some of his signature contest tricks are just too amazing to comprehend which is why he has won numerous X Games as well as Vans Triple Crown, Gravity Games and the Slam City Jam.

Through the generous backing of his various sponsors and design team, Lasek recently completed the construction of one of the world’s most unique backyard concrete bowls in his own backyard which he refers to as ‘heaven’.