Rotary sponsors youth forum

Two potential young Caymanian leaders are to be selected and sponsored by Rotary to attend the Atlantic Youth Forum at Wilton Park in England.

This year will mark the seventh Atlantic Youth Forum, which aims to provide a chance for young people aged 18 to 24 from around the globe to gain insights into each other’s concerns.

Young persons will focus on perceptions of key challenges and the international community, as well as make gain an opportunity to make lasting contacts.

According to Rotary Sunrise, Wilton Park conferences provide an excellent environment for leading opinion formers to discuss the best ways to deal with key challenges.

The forum will cover the key political, security and economic issues confronting the world, with global concerns such as the environment and terrorism on the agenda.

Conferences are held over several days to allow plenty of time for informed conversation and networking, whilst discussions are off the record to encourage frankness.

Victor Crumbly, President of Rotaract of Grand Cayman has also attended the Atlantic Youth Forum. He said, ‘I had attended various conferences before but nothing like Wilton Park. The organisation and level of professionalism on display is like none other.’

The venue is a modernised sixteenth century country house set amid beautiful surroundings in the middle of the English countryside and is said to be an ideal place to break down barriers.

Conferences are kept deliberately small, with 50-70 people present for round the table discussions. Participants come from a wide range of nationalities and professions and most are in a position to make a direct impact on policy.

Wilton Park’s long tradition of academic independence is guaranteed by an Advisory Council of Ambassadors and High Commissioners from OECD countries in London.