Weigh taxi metre decision carefully

Let me put my two cents in on this discussion about taxi meters because I have been reading about this for a long time.

As a taxi driver, I agree with metres. They would save me the headache of someone asking me if I intend to rip them off too and save me having to explain that I don’t work like that. If metres are installed in taxis it would actually benefit the drivers that are out there that are honest people trying to make an honest buck.

Metres would allow for time wasted in traffic and other delays that might be caused. But there’s a downside to metres too.

Someone has to pay for them. So what, are the rates going to go up again? Also the customers will have something else to complain about because the ride that used to cost $10 to get to work will now cost $20 or more maybe, because of traffic or road delays.

Also the set fares from the airport won’t be valid anymore so repeat visitors that are used to paying say US$20 to get to their hotel will also end up paying more and start to complain too. Being too tired is no excuse to pay too much for something that shouldn’t be.

I have been in situations where I was travelling for days and something will come up with money or other things and I will make sure it is resolved before I leave.

All taxi drivers have an ID. If you think something is not right with your fare ask to see their ID, take there name and their licence number and plate number ask for a receipt and call the phone number that is printed in large numbers on the ID and make a complaint.

If the driver refuses to give you a receipt make sure to get the plate number and look in the phone book or call the operator for the correct phone number.

Any fares that are set at the airport are the correct fares and should not be changed by the driver.

These drivers should be reported, investigated and in my opinion should lose the privilege of being a taxi driver in our beautiful Island.

Metres are OK in my books but the people that are using taxis need to look into it a bit more and weigh the pros and cons before jumping to hasty conclusions.

Please if there is anything you think I’ve left out respond to my letter or look me up. I’m not hard to find. Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of my regular customers and visitors alike and hearing their opinions.