Humane Society beefs up security

The Cayman Islands Humane Society says it has beefed up security as a result of two poisoned dogs being left at the front door of the facility.

At around 4.30am on 7 May, a man was caught on surveillance video approaching the Humane Society animal shelter, coming from the direction behind Arch Automotive with three dogs. He then tied two of them to the front door before walking back in the same direction with one dog in tow; still on a leash.

Officials at the Humane Society say they were advised by authorities at Island Veterinary Services that the dogs had been victims of paraquat poisoning and that they had recently seen other cases in the Walker’s Road area and Newlands.

According to President of the Humane Society Carol Parker, the animal shelter has installed new cameras and monitoring devices as a result of the incident.

‘We were unable to make out who this man was and it is a shame because it could have helped in finding out about what’s happening,’ she said, adding that this was the primary reason for the security upgrades.

Intel Sec, the security company that oversees surveillance at the Humane Society, did everything possible to help identify the man and get a photograph that could be used. However they were unsuccessful.

Officials say it is likely the animals were sick and the man apparently could not provide medical care for them. They say he probably felt he could leave them at the shelter and they would be taken care of.

Parker also urged all pet owners to be vigilant and remember to spay/neuter their animals, which would help to prevent future abuse and neglect.