Today’s Editorial for June 29: Time to eat out

Many residents complain that going out to eat these days is just too expensive.

It is true that restaurant prices have gone up quite a bit over the past few years, largely due to increases in food costs.

However, because of the difficult economic times, many restaurateurs are offering summertime promotions aimed primarily at enticing residents to their establishments.

Dining out in Cayman hasn’t been this affordable in years.

The promotions range from nightly specials and half-price wine deals, to customer loyalty programmes. The bottom line for residents is that they can save money eating out, or at least have the chance to try things like fine wines that they might not normally order in a restaurant because of the higher regular price.

These promotions help keep revenue flowing for the restaurants, which – even if their profit margins are lower – helps them pay staff and suppliers. In the current economy, survival is the name of the game. If restaurants can just manage to pay the bills this year, better times will come again eventually; at least that’s the belief.

But the promotions also help the local community afford to eat out, something that is often seen as an extravagance in difficult economic times.

Beyond that, these kinds of promotions help the restaurant staff members, many of whom make a large chunk of their income on gratuities, make ends meet.

It’s good to hear, too, that restaurant suppliers have also followed suit in reducing their profit margins and offering restaurants reduced wholesale prices, thus facilitating the restaurant promotions.

With the wholesalers and restaurants on board, it only takes the public to splurge a little to make a tangible contribution to the local economy.

Dining out once it a while is a good thing. It gives the household cook a night off. There are no dirty dishes to wash. It saves on electricity and water consumption. It breaks up the routine of daily living and provides a chance to get out of the house and enjoy life.

The restaurants and wholesalers are doing what they can to make it easier on residents’ budgets. Residents can do their part in helping the economy simply by taking advantage of good deals that are out there.