Murder cases sent to Grand Court

Two men, charged separately with murder, appeared before Magistrate Grace Donalds for short-form preliminary inquiries on 29 June.

The first of the men to come before the Magistrate was Randy Lebert Martin, who is charged with the murder of Sabrina Shurn, which authorities say took place somewhere between 11-17 March, 2009.

Martin was reminded that the preliminary inquiry was only to decide whether there was sufficient evidence to go to trial.

Magistrate Donalds read out the particulars of the charges and advised the defendant that he could comment or remain silent, to which he answered he had nothing to say.

After reading out the list of witnesses and other evidence, the court decided there was sufficient evidence to commit Martin’s case to the next session of the Grand Court, scheduled for 1 July.

Also appearing in Summary Court on 29 June for a short-form preliminary inquiry was Paul Ricardo Gordon.

He is charged with the murder of local DJ and Radio Host Sherman Alvin Bodden, who was killed on 9 March, 2009.

The Magistrate read out the defendant’s charges and advised him of his rights before asking if he had any thing to say, to which he replied, ‘I have nothing to say at this time.’

Gordon, who is represented by Attorney John Furniss, was then told that the Court had found there to be sufficient evidence to send his case to the next session of the Grand Court.

Paul Gordon will return to court on Wednesday 1 July.

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