Another teen charged in burglary

A young man has been charged with burglary by West Bay police detectives following an incident at Grace Christian Academy in April this year.

The 16-year-old appeared in court Friday and has been remanded in custody until 17 July.

Detective Sergeant Collin Oremule reminded the public that burglary is an opportunistic crime and urged members of the public to ensure that their homes and businesses are properly secured at all times. Property should also be marked for identification purposes.

‘A burglar will select his target because it offers him the best opportunity to carry out his crime undetected, with the fewest number of obstacles in his way,’ he said. ‘A building that presents itself as unoccupied and insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one which is properly secured.’

Sergeant Oremule encouraged the community to work in partnership with the police to fight crime.

‘Reducing the risk and fear of crime is a task for the police and the community working together. To keep the Cayman Islands safe, we need residents and people who visit these islands to do their part in making life difficult for criminals.’

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