Wildlife hotline gets support

Continued development in Cayman is leading to ever more encounters between people and wildlife. Although many appreciate birds and other creatures in their gardens, the risk of injury to wildlife increases greatly once they come into contact with humans. The danger is especially grave for animals that need to cross newly constructed roads and parking lots that intersect their traditional habitat.

‘We are receiving more calls on 917-BIRD than ever before. So far in 2009 our call volume on the Hotline has gone up 160%,’ said Alison Corbett, project manager of Cayman Wildlife Rescue.

This increase in traffic has meant that the organisation needs its supporters more than ever, as it is financed by donations from the public and staffed by volunteers.

LIME recently renewed its sponsorship of their Wildlife Emergency Hotline 917-BIRD(2473).

‘This LIME sponsored Hotline is a lifeline for wildlife in trouble, providing the public with 24/7 support for wildlife in crisis,’ said Corbett.

This sponsorship also coincides with LIME’s new commitment to the environment.

‘I am pleased that as a company we can provide support for this organization to continue their very important task of saving Cayman Wildlife for future generations,’ said Tony Ritch, country manager of LIME Cayman Islands.

Should anyone be faced with a wildlife emergency, they are advised to call 917-BIRD.

Cayman Wildlife Rescue has a team of experienced and trained volunteers ready to assist in wildlife emergencies. Members of the public are reminded to never attempt to care for a wild animal themselves as these creatures require special diets and veterinary care.

Cayman Wildlife Rescue is a programme of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands tasked with the rescue of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife for release back into the wild. People interested in volunteering can contact Alison Corbett at [email protected]. For more information, visit www.caymanwildliferescue.org.

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