Bolt’s tips will give Ronaldo Real boost

Cristiano Ronaldo has been given tips on how to stay on his feet by sprint king Usain Bolt.

The fastest man in the world struck up a friendship with Ronaldo after meeting the former Manchester United star at the club’s training ground in May.

And the Red Devils fan revealed he has been giving running advice to the world’s most expensive footballer, who has just joined Real Madrid for $130 million.

Bolt said: ‘I explained that when he catches top speed he starts tipping over because he has a lot of backlift.

‘So I said he has to run with his knees in front of him, then when he hits top speed he won’t topple over as he’ll continue at the same pace.

‘Hopefully at Real Madrid he’ll use that information. But I’m not worried, Ronaldo is a great player and although I didn’t want him to leave, Manchester United are still a great side.”‘

Bolt admits he was disappointed to see Ronaldo quit Old Trafford for La Liga.

But he insists Michael Owen can spearhead the club’s pursuit of a record-breaking 19th league title next season.

He added: ‘I’m hoping Michael’s going to come through for the team because we need some additional goalscorers!

‘I’m looking forward to what next season is going to bring.’

And the Jamaican ace, 22, is full of praise for United boss Alex Ferguson.

Bolt added: ‘He’s a great guy, he thinks on the spot. I asked him how he picks his team and he said, ‘Sometimes it just comes to you, other times you pick the players playing the best football’.

‘He said football is all about intuition and it was a wonderful experience meeting them all.’

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