Do your job, now

The longer that I live in The Cayman Islands, the more like a small city in the US the politics becomes. The population is not large enough to support a two party system but, the politicians push to assure that they are not identified with someone who has slightly different views on operating the country. The electorate is split along lines of affluence. The less fortunate demand more government assistance while the more prosperous demand less government intrusion.

The current hoopla in the Legislative Assembly regarding the fiscal state of the country is a fine example of politics as usual. The outgoing party is being blamed for misleading statements concerning the financial viability of the government. The incoming party is using the opportunity to attempt to show the decline of the economic position of the nation. They are all now pointing to the Financial Secretary as the culprit. I think that they will soon run out of fingers with which to point.

I feel that, if all the effort that is being expended on political posturing and finger pointing were channelled toward finding the best solution, progress would be inevitable. I cannot believe that the voters of this nation elected their representatives with the desire that they spend their time in public shouting matches or making statements to the media blaming ‘the opposition’ for the current situation.

The lack of the accountability within the Government agencies and authorities, the absence of internal business controls and the overwhelming need for an external auditing system add to the melee. The elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, have no more idea of the economic status of the country than those of us on the street. Partisan politics had a tremendous affect on the state of the economy.

The effects of the worldwide downturn have contributed as well.

It is time for those elected to stop playing politics and go to work at the job that they were selected to do. That means: putting party aside, leaving special interests outside the door, forgetting old grudges, and generally working hard to bring this country to its rightful place in the world community.

Randy Kinsey

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