Fun for dogs horsing around

Equestrian fans came out in force last week at the Cayman Islands Equestrian Centre in George Town for the Caribbean Equestrian Association Junior Jumping Competition.

Cayman competed against Jamaica, Bermuda and Barbados. Cayman won the event with local riders Ashley Scaletta, the 14 & Under representative, and Jamie-Lauren McTaggart, the 16 & Under rider, both rewarded with the top rider award in their divisions.

Jamaica, Barbados and Bermuda all performed well and everyone had a safe journey over the jumps.

Co-organiser Jane van der Bol, Scaletta’s mother, said: ‘The weather stayed clear all day a little cooler than normal and we had a fabulous turn out. A great day in all.

‘There was another Dogs Horsing Around dog show. It was a great event as well with some great entries and lots of wonderful prizes.’

CEA Junior Jumping Competition – RESULTS

1st – Cayman – 20 faults

2nd – Bermuda – 31 faults

3rd – Jamaica – 45 faults

4th – Barbados – 87 faults

Best Individual Scores – 14 & Under

1st – Ashley Scaletta/Cayman – 5 faults

2nd – Tyler Lopes/Bermuda – 9 faults

3rd – Adam Lake/Jamaica – 29 faults (won by time)

4th – Christansia Evelyn/Barbados – 29 faults

Best Individual Scores – 16 & Under

1st- Jamie-Lauren McTaggart/Cayman – 15 faults

2nd – Briana Schwapp/Jamaica – 16 faults

3rd – Stephanie Kemp/Bermuda – 22 faults

4th – Annemiek Mackie/Barbados – 58 faults

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