How are you eating?

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat

Most people who seek weight-loss advice already know what to eat and what foods to avoid.

Eating well

Eating well

Most are experts on this or that diet and can rhyme off the caloric count of everything from a carrot stick to a Mars Bar. Healthy eating and successful weight loss is not only about what we eat, it’s about how we eat.

Try following these simple guidelines from the Lifestyles New Beginnings weight-loss program:

* Eat slowly and enjoy your meals. It takes 20 minutes for the signal of satiety to reach your brain that you are full. If you eat too quickly, you can pack in a lot of food within those 20 minutes;

* Do nothing else while eating. No television. No newspaper. No eating while driving or working at your desk. By paying attention to what you are eating, the senses of taste and texture are satisfied helping us to lessen food cravings later;

* Practice portion control, especially with take-out food. Chinese food and local cuisine containers often have enough food for 2-3 meals. Practice sharing a meal with a friend or cutting portions in half and saving for another meal. Look at your plate and decide if you really need to eat a large portion. Use a small carry away from hot-deli counters.

* To make meals enjoyable, take out your best china and use it. You deserve to eat off something better than Styrofoam;

* Practice the fine art of dining. Relax. Take your time. Enjoy the food. Part of developing a healthy relationship with food is appreciation for the foods we eat and the practice of respectful eating, whether eating out or dining-in alone.

* Be grateful for the wonderful selections of foods we have in Cayman including organic and free-range products. Giving thanks or saying grace before each meal also helps us keep a healthy perspective and reverence to the foods we eat. Begin the practice with your children today.

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