Fashion show raises funds for youth award

This weekend a fundraiser will be held to raise money for the Yentel McGaw Youth Community Excellence Award, a programme for youth between 15 and 20 years old who are highly involved in the community.

The event will feature a fashion show, with styles by La Chic, Infinity Fashions, Beltina’s Formal Affairs and Luigi Moxam’s One Tree Four Five clothing line.

Models will feature some of Cayman’s most recognised faces. Yentel, a previous Miss Teen Cayman winner, will be modelling along with former Miss Cayman Rebecca Parchment, former Miss Cayman contestant Hortencia Jackson and many other models.

The award has had trouble finding sponsorship in these economic times, explained Judy McGaw-Salazar, so the board of directors had decided to host the event as a way to raise funds.

‘We have approached several companies here in Cayman and unfortunately a lot of them are not able to assist us with funding for us to get this done, so we have come up with a fashion show as a fundraising event,’ she explained.

The show will be held poolside at the Grand Pavilion.

‘The fashion show is going to be all about the hottest summer fashions, so we’ll have casual wear, swimwear, a semi-formal segment and a formal segment,’ said Mrs. McGaw-Salazar, who sits on the board of directors for the award.

The after-party will feature entertainers such as Jah Shawn, Rollaz International and Flava.

‘We want the programme to be a motivating factor for the youth to continue to build the leadership in them that would eventually be beneficial to society,’ said Mrs. McGaw-Salazar.

In the award programme, five finalists will be chosen and an awards gala for them will be held at the Marriott on 26 September. From the five finalists, one winner will be selected.

‘We hope to give them a scholarship for UCCI but we can see how it goes,’ she said. ‘This is our first time that we’re ever doing this and we’re really looking for the community to assist us with this.

‘The youth also does a lot in the community but are not recognised, so Yentel McGaw, who is the founder, came up with this idea of recognising the youth for their contribution in society.’

James Myles also sits on the board of directors for the award and is well known in the community for his involvement with the youth.

‘James has been an icon and is highly involved in the community in just about every youth activity that is going on,’ said Mrs. McGaw-Salazar. ‘Everyone knows of him and knows what he’s doing as far as getting the youth involved and motivated. So he has the heart to see youth reach their full potential in life and getting somewhere, whether athletic, academically, James is just there.’

Tickets to the fundraiser this weekend are $25 and are available at La Chic, Funky Tangs and Cachet. The ticket price will cover both the fashion show and the after-party, which will run until 3am.

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