Gone too soon

The world laid to rest the greatest entertainer of all time on Tuesday, 7 July.

There will never be anyone like Michael Jackson. The style, the voice, the dance moves might be emulated, but he was the originator.

Some can’t quite grasp what is the big deal. ‘Another person has died,’ they say, ‘It’s the story of life’.

But for a little Jamaican girl who at the age of eight saved her lunch money to buy a book and educate herself about who Michael Jackson was, he became everything.

His initial small town Gary, Indiana upbringing gave me hope that even though I come from what is considered a speck on the world map, that I too matter and can do anything I set my mind to.

As an only child, who stood out in my surroundings for many reasons, I found solace in the fact that people from all walks of life appreciated him, too. Finally something in common with the masses … his name was Michael Jackson.

Lacking a gift in the voice department, I used to annoy my parents singing Thriller, and moving around the furniture in attempt to do the moonwalk. And yes I’ll admit it; I sometimes wished Bubbles was mine.

Throughout the years, no matter what obstacles MJ faced, he always had a fan in me, because I recognise a genius when I see one, no matter their trials and tribulations.

He seemed resilient and bounced back from everything, so imagine my shock when I heard that he was gone. ‘It’s another rumour,’ I said. But it wasn’t. The King of Pop was gone.

To be honest, I guess my love for MJ subconsciously made me think he was perennial. But as he lay in that gold coffin at the memorial it became clearer than ever, that although extremely gifted, at the end of the day he was just like you and I… human.

I am not ashamed to say how overcome with emotion I was while watching his memorial. What a great send off. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, Usher, John Mayer and many others did a superb job.

As for Reverend Al Sharpton, whose intentions I may have doubted in the past, wow! I was blown away by what he had to say. But what really let the floodgates open were MJ’s daughter Paris’s words.

‘Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say that I love him, so much.’ What a brave child.

The day Michael Jackson was buried will live with me forever, but I find comfort in knowing that he lives on through his music, even though he left us too soon.

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