Girvan denied travel permissions

Robert Christopher Tom Girvan appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, when 28-29 September was set for a preliminary inquiry into charges against him. They relate to the collapse of investment schemes generally known as the Grand Island Fund.

After the date was confirmed and a mention set for 1 September, Defence Attorney Edward Renvoize asked Magistrate Grace Donalds to vary Girvan’s bail conditions to allow him to travel.

He explained that the defendant wanted to visit family members, who reside in the US.

Crown Counsel Kirsty-Ann Gunn objected. She noted that Girvan had been charged with three counts of forgery, obtaining a money transfer by deception and uttering a false document when he first appeared in court on 12 May.

Since then, he has been charged with four counts of theft totalling almost a half million dollars, Mrs. Gunn told the court.

She said Girvan, a Jamaican national, had no ties to Cayman, especially since his family is not here, and he was considered a flight risk.

After hearing from both sides, the magistrate said she was not minded to vary Girvan’s bail.

The theft charges relate to a period in mid-May 2008. He is accused of stealing US$170,000 from a company; US$68,000 and US$100,000 from two individuals; and US$150,000 from another company.

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