Teens face charges of forged money

Four teenagers appeared at the opening of the recent Grand Court session to face charges involving counterfeit currency.

The alleged offences occurred in September 2007. At the time the boys were 13, 14, 15 and 15.

Forgery and uttering of counterfeit currency are charges that must be dealt with in the Grand Court.

Three of the boys are charged with forging 14 currency notes, each being CI$25 and all with the same serial number.

One of them and the fourth boy are charge with knowingly and fraudulently uttering a CI$50 forged currency note at a high school canteen. They face the same charge in connection with a forged CI$25 note.

One boy is charged with possession of 13 forged CI$25 notes plus 10 others with a different serial number.

Justice Karl Harrison was advised that all four had parents or guardians in court. They were represented by Attorneys John Furniss, Nicholas Dixey and Ben Tonner.

The judge extended their bail to a mention date in October, with trial set for early 2010.

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