Caymanians assist in Africa

Caymanian Carla Lopez has been making efforts to assist ActionAid UK-Africa in building an orphanage in Johannesburg South Africa.

Miss Lopez says she came in contact with the team through a childhood friend who was born and raised in Cayman but left the Islands for Britain after graduating high school.

She added that a business man in the African community had agreed to give a plot of land to house the new building, which will accommodate 10 children.

The cost of the project is US$60,000 and persons can donate either to Lopez or online at the ActionAid’s on line address:

‘I am aware that some people may have concerns giving to an individual but it is important to let them know they can also donate through the on-line facility,’ she explained.

As a member of Professionals for Hope, Carla has raised large sums of money before and she says a group she was associated with in the past almost doubled the amount mentioned earlier while raising funds for the Maple House undertaking here in Cayman.

Lopez said, ‘I know from experience that it can be accomplished. We can do all things through Christ.’

As a staunch Christian, Carla says she tries to help out where ever she is called to do so and added that she wants the public to know that serving Africa does not mean neglecting Cayman.

‘I am a member of various charitable organisations at this time in my life and thanks be to God, manage to give my all to each. I believe I have been blessed to be a blessing.’

Henry Gordon, who is an agent of the team of five currently ‘on the ground’ in Africa said, ‘A lot of children in Africa do not have homes and they are forced to sleep on the streets, under bridges and abandoned buildings. He went on to say that the average life expectancy for these children usually does not exceed five-years-old.

Many of these youths are also exposed to diseases such as HIV and are unable to be treated, according to ActionAid UK-Africa personnel.

Those interested in assisting this cause should do so by either contacting Carla Lopez at 526-2717 or alternatively persons can log on to

Henry Gordon is also a born Caymanian, however he left to study business at the University of Liverpool over 20 years ago. He has since used his expertise to assist those in less fortunate African communities in setting up businesses in order to become more self-sufficient.

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