Security firm urges vigilance

In the wake of recent acknowledgements that burglaries and break-ins are on the increase, officials at the Security Centre are warning residents to properly secure their homes.

The company’s Vice President of Operations Frank Brennan says that in light of the current economic recession, people can ill-afford to lose their valuable possessions by not taking precautions.

‘Like every other place in the world, times have changed in Cayman and it is not the same as it was twenty years ago,’ said Mr. Brennan, who was referring to a time when Caymanians could leave their doors open.

He said, ‘We may not like it but we all have to take security seriously. It is important that people realise that as the population grows and the economy declines there are more people among us who will take advantage.’

Brennan added that while the Cayman Islands was still a very safe place to live, leaving windows and doors open or having defective locks was simply an invitation to opportunist burglars.

In many of the recent home invasions that have taken place in the community, those affected had not properly secured their homes, according to the security expert. He went on to explain that it was far better for the community to be aware of the risks rather than to pretend there was no need to take precautions.

‘It does not necessarily take thousands of dollars to secure a home. Using quality locks and inexpensive alarm systems make it easy to keep your property secure and deter the would-be intruder,’ he said.

Brennan advised people to look at their homes through a burglar’s eyes to better see the weak spots. He added that the more impenetrable a home appeared to be, the less likely its chances of being victimized.

Noise is also a major issue and Shaun Divine, the Security Centre’s Sales Manager, said a visible alarm is not only a deterrent in the first instance but even if a burglar tries his luck, the sound will nearly almost always send him packing.

In a Security Centre press release, the company advised residents that they would be offering an affordble 2009 Summer Crime Busters Special. Mr Devine lamented the fact that most people spend thousands on home entertainment systems but can lose them in one break-in that could have been avoided with the installation of an effective alarm and solid locks.

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