Summertime fun at the National Gallery

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands has decided to provide more of their existing programmes throughout the summer months of July and August. These programmes are free of charge.

‘Thanks to the continued support of our ministry and the business community we are able to offer these programmes at no cost to students, which is vital in the current economic climate,’ said Natalie Coleman, director of the National Gallery.

These programmes take place year-round and provide many different activities that appeal to both children and adults.

Summertime Kids’ Flicks

The National Gallery will host a movie for children on 13 and 20 August. The film begins at 3.30pm and ends at 5pm. The chosen films are Kirikou and the Sorceress by director Michel Ocelot; Little Terrorist, directed by Ashvin Kumar and My Neighbors the Yamadas by director Isoa Takahata.

Art Trek Tuesdays

Art Trek Tuesdays will be held during the summer months of July and August every week from 3.30pm to 5pm. This programme is appropriate for kids aged six to 11. The children will learn a number of artistic skills through hands-on experience.

‘One of the primary aims of the National Gallery is to provide free educational programming relating to arts and culture for students of all ages and our summer schedule reflects this.’ said Ms Coleman.

The assorted arts and culture activities include action painting, shoebox landscaping, worksheets and discussions, creating puzzle art, mask making and many more.

Family Summer Fun Days

This is a programme where the whole family can get involved. It is held on the second to last Sunday of every month. The dates of the summer sessions are 18 July and 22 August. On 18 July, families can explore the work of Verner Panton, an architect and furniture designer. There will also be activities running which will encourage children to tap into their inner creativity.

On 22 August, families will have the opportunity to learn about Caribbean art from the 19th Century and there will be hands-on activities and informational booklets provided.

‘By expanding our existing student programming rather than opting to run week long courses as we have in past years, we are able to fully utilise information and resources that are already in place throughout July and August,’ said Ms Coleman.

The National Gallery’s summer programmes are a means for children to combine having fun with learning new artistic skills and gaining knowledge.

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