Windy course took its toll

Cayman competed last week at the Caribbean Junior Golf Championship in Jamaica and although no one finished a winner, the experience put them in good stead for future tournaments.

Competition was at the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course in Montego Bay, Jamaica from July 7-9.

Cayman sent a team of six; captain Jack Widmer (Boys 16-17), Cody Bergstrom, Sai Eccles, Payton Wight, Peter Mitchell (Boys 14-15) and Emily Ribbins (girls 14-15).

Besides Cayman, eight other countries participated; Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, OECS (Other Eastern Carribean States) and US Virgin Islands.

Widmer came twelfth with a three-round score of 257 and Bergstrom was 20th with a round of 287.

In Widmer’s class Simon Proverbs of Barbados won with a score of 226 with Esnesto Jose Vitienes of the Dominican Republic third and Jamaica’s Robert Grant third.

Cayman coach Mike Tourette said: ‘A lot of our players were shocked by the very challenging conditions of the course. It was very windy and unlike our course at the North Sound Club which is relatively flat, they had to deal with huge elevations.

‘Only Jack and Cody had been before to the junior championships so it was a steep learning curve for all the first timers.

‘Next year the championships are in the Bahamas and they’re already looking forward to that. The junior programme here is really coming on nicely.

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