Local artists’ Meeting of the minds

Several local artists from various groups came together at the National Gallery on Tuesday night to discuss the state of the economy as it relates to art.

The meeting, which was led by Director of the National Gallery Natalie Coleman, Nikola McCoy and Avril Ward covered subject matter such as alternatives to traditional approaches used in selling art and the importance of not compromising price as a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to what many say is a more selective customer base.

Participants heard how it was important to set a standard, as well as to spread awareness and promote education about what fine art is. In addition, a distinction was made between established artists and emerging artists and how this might vary depending on the jurisdiction, as fine artists in Cayman may still be considered to be emerging artists abroad.

Options for those getting started in exhibiting their art were also visited and a communicative spirit was encouraged between artists and the public to encourage art collection. ‘It is important for people to understand that art is an investment that always increases in value,’ said Randy Chollette of the Native Sons.

Some artists such as Al Ebanks said he has now diversified his production line and is currently producing furniture in addition to the sculptures and other works he is renowned for.

‘This is a meeting that we will continue to promote, as we are always seeking ways to be innovative in our approach to production and marketing or works,’ said Miss Coleman.

Those on hand from the Native Sons, as well as the Visual Arts Society added that the slow in the market was also a good time for personal growth and an opportunity to appreciate the work of others.

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