Youth career camp sizzles

The Youth Services Unit’s, Sizzling Summer Series Career Camp is a hot item with youngsters this summer.

Protocol Office Virginia Madison

Protocol Office Virginia Madison instructs youngster in proper table etiquette. Photo: Jewel Levy

Over 120 youngsters are participating in a series of camps catering to teens aged 12-18 exploring career options and participating in a number of hands-on classes to gain work experience.

The Prep for Life camp is teaching 12-14 year-olds to explore career options and further develop life skills. The older teens are engaging in learning skills needed for workforce entry.

On Tuesday, over 60 youngsters participated in a dining etiquette class at the George Hicks campus hall.

The class was hosted by Virginia Madison from Government’s Protocol Office at the invitation of camp director Leasa Charlton.

Ms. Madison took the teens through a series of proper table manners such as correct ways of using table cutlery, how to be comfortable at the dining table and how to sit properly.

The group of teens found it enjoyable choosing the right cutlery at the guidance of Ms. Madison while they dined on a three-course meal served by youth officers.

Understanding table etiquette and how to be comfortable when they sit down to eat gives youngsters confidence about themselves, said Ms Madison.

Throughout the week, camp youngsters also got the opportunity to hear from a number of young entrepreneurs who had worked hard to build successful businesses.

Business owners such as Vibe FM’s Kenny Rankin, Security Firm’s Dwayne Seymour and Funky Tangs, Sport N Zone, Nicco Construction and One Three Four Five Collection representatives shared their experiences with youngsters.

The Work for Life Camp offers a basic introductory course in auto mechanics Young people explore the range of jobs in that field, are introduced to basic equipment and learn through simulations and video presentations the functioning parts of an engine.

The Food for Life Camp involves youngsters receiving hands-on experience in cooking culinary dishes from around the world.

During outings the groups also visiting places like Hollywood Theatres, the Black Pearl Skate Park, and industrial sites.

The camps came about as a result from youths interviewed for the 2000 National Youth Policy which called for places of safety where youths could engage in youthful activities, interact with others and work out their world views.

Youth Services officers supervise attending youths who have to follow camp rules or be dismissed if camp rules are broken.

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