HSA: No swine flu death

The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority confirmed Monday afternoon that a man’s death here was not related to the H1N1 virus.

The individual who died had not been tested for H1N1 prior to his passing, according to information obtained by the Caymanian Compass.

HSA officials said tests were conducted to determine what led to the death, and said Monday afternoon that the novel H1N1-09 virus did not contribute to it.

However, further tests were being conducted to determine whether the virus may have mutated into a new form.

‘For the past six hours we have been diligently looking into this particular patient,’ HSA Medical Director Dr. Greg Hoeksema said. ‘A post mortem will conducted to determine the cause of death.’

The H1N1 virus has been spreading slowly but steadily through Cayman, with some 43 people testing positive for it at last count.

Thus far, health officials have said no one has died from the virus.

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