British passport rules change

People applying for a British Citizen passport will no longer be able to obtain one through the Cayman Islands Passport Office.

The change takes effect 3 August.

The change does not effect applications for British Overseas Territories Citizens passports, which will continue to be processed by the Cayman Islands Passport Office as before.

Anyone wishing to apply for a full validity British Citizen passport, including first passport issues, should do so by sending their applications by courier or registered post to the UK Passport Service Centre in Washington, DC. This will be the new passport production centre for the Cayman Islands and the region.

You may use a courier company of your choice and at your cost to send your application, but note that returned passports and documents will arrive from Washington via UPS. The cost of the passport itself will remain the same:

• Standard passport (32 pages) – £124

• Jumbo passport (48 pages) – £150

• Child passport – £79

An additional charge (currently $21) will be made to cover the cost of returning it via UPS and this should be reflected in your payment.

You will need to pay the correct fee in US dollars when applying for your passport and the following methods of payment are accepted:

• Credit card (Visa or MasterCard)

• Money order, cashier or certified bankers cheque made payable to British Embassy Government Account.

The vast majority of applications, which have the correct supporting documentation and payment fee, will be processed within 10 working days of receipt in Washington. Applicants will need to allow additional time for their applications to transit between the Cayman Islands and Washington, but overall the time taken to process an application will be quicker than the current 6-10 weeks for one sent to the UK for processing.

This change is part of a global initiative to streamline the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s passport operation to make it more cost effective, secure and sustainable.

You can obtain more information, guidance and copies of application forms from or


The mailing address is:

The UK Passport Service Centre for the Americas and Caribbean

British Embassy
19 Observatory Circle, NW
Washington, DC 20008

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