Downtown GT can thrive

The idea of bringing downtown George Town to life is an excellent idea.

Now that a lot of these jewellery shops and duty free businesses are moving out it gives us the chance to really do something special with downtown George Town.

For example, with the lower rent this could enable some of the bars and nightclubs that are open around Cayman to have a shot at having their nightspot directly in the main centre of finance and commerce.

Once these kinds of businesses open up, they will attract people all over the Island to stay downtown for their nightlife, thus creating an area where culture and entertainment can thrive.

Also, having an area like this where restaurants, bars and nightclubs are in proximity encourages people to walk instead of drive from place to place, thus decreasing the amount of drunk drivers on the road.

With many patrons now walking from establishment to establishment this also creates a chance for night time taxis to make more business.

With an area like this now thriving, it then opens up the chance for Caymanian culture and arts to be showcased. These bars and nightclubs can offer local musicians a venue to perform, exposing their talents to visitors and residents.

A lot of people in Cayman might not appreciate the talent that we have here as we have been taught to look north for our music and culture but given the advantage and opportunity to be the more exposed musicians, more people can appreciate these artists.

It’s all about seeing this recession not as a failure of the old but as a chance for new ideas and opportunities.

Brian Ebanks

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