Eco-Friendly catalogue now out

In tough economic times it is more important than ever for companies to get their name in the marketplace. All those pens, notepads and bouncy balls mean potential sales.

A press release from ADvantage Graphic Design & Advertising Ltd states that at the same time, the Islands’ growing Mount Trashmore serves as a constant reminder to all, that a socially-responsible approach must be adopted especially by large companies, for the natural environment of the Cayman Islands to be preserved for generations to come.

Owner Christopher Galbraith has made this easy by implementing a Green Catalogue of Eco-Friendly products available exclusively through PromotionsPlus a division of ADvantage.

With PromotionsPlus, over 800,000 promotional items are readily available, the majority of which can be ordered as Eco-Friendly products. These certified green products have been available since PromotionsPlus began in 2007, but have recently become more popular as of late.

PromotionsPlus, in trying to keep up with these demands, has implemented a separate catalogue that is specifically geared towards Eco-Friendly promotional items.

‘We’ve noticed a trend (which I’m hoping will become a movement), whereby social responsibility towards the environment is increasingly becoming top of the agenda, for any modern business promoting an event or cause,’ said Head of Advertising, Kimberley Bentley

‘Here at ADvantage, we are able to address this challenge very economically, through our range of environmentally-friendly promotional items, tailored to suit the needs of any business. It is now easier than ever to have a successful event with minimal repercussions for the environment.’

She says multiple firms, banks, insurance companies, to name a few, are trying to do their part for the environment by touting new eco-friendly practices.

Fidelity is just one example of a company trying to do their part. The company has launched a new health policy designed for their members and families, complemented by a ‘smart’ swipe card to promote speedier claim processing turnaround as a way to improve the level of service and reduce extra paper usage.

‘At Fidelity we are conscious of the need to preserve and recycle and always choose green solutions where we can,’ said Marsha Ebanks, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator.

‘In continuing with this theme, we were delighted with our PromotionsPlus eco-friendly tote-bags and water bottles which we used as promotional items at ‘Fidelity’s Healthy Bites Fair’ – a health and lifestyle showcase we hosted as a part of our Health Website Launch,’ she said.

‘We are certain that our clients will be pleased with the eco-friendly items as well, as we all try to create a cleaner, healthier world for all.’

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