Begin battling gangs now

The recent senseless outbreak of gang related violence in Cayman is a great cause for alarm, concern and condemnation by visitors and all law-abiding citizens of this beloved Island.

Having been a regular visitor to this beautiful Island over many years, I never thought I would ever see this level of criminal activity. If little or nothing is done to address this intolerable situation, visitors will be hesitant to come to these shores and residents will live in fear for their lives.

Cayman is now facing the monumental challenge of how to effectively deal with the current gang inspired violence that continues to raise its ugly head.

These crimes are not just a problem for the police to solve, but also require the full cooperation and input of all levels of government, residents, the church and religious and community organisations to effectively address the problem.

Let us be increasingly aware that gang related violence seeks to threaten public safety and seriously targets the quality of life in any community. That is why government resources and community partnerships are essential to suppress such crimes.

Gang inspired violence stems from idleness, unemployment, access to illegal weapons and drugs, and a total disregard for human life and property.

Therefore, community outreach programmes and law enforcement initiatives are steps to combat the rising tide of gang related violence.

If only little more than lip service is given to the desperate need to rid our society of this evil intent, the problem will only exacerbate with grave and deadly consequences for everyone.

Geoff Daniels

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