Pirates Week about fantasy

Disney is all a fantasy about a rat and other themes, but yet I believe it is the world’s most attended theme park.

Sadly, as I read about the fact that one week out of 53 we have a theme called Pirates Week and all and sundry come out and show off their ideas on heritage and whatever they can dream up; some is make believe and yes a greater part is an actual fact.

Please go back in history for a moment. Pedro Castle was built by the infamous pirates and Hogsty Bay was used for them to get water from a well nearby and just about all Caribbean Islands had encountered pirates and while a few may not like it they are a part of our heritage; although there are those that will swear that it is not true.

I’ll go a bit further and say that there are actual pirates amongst us today (not dressed in fancy satins and swashbuckling styles) but nevertheless they are here. All that glitters is not, or may not be gold.

I believe that it is a mistake to change the heading of Pirates Week to say something along the lines of cultural or heritage. It will not sell. Please remember this statement.

I fully believe that we are not celebrating pirates in real. I believe that it is a fantasy like Disney’s rat, Mickey Mouse.

Waldo H. Parchment

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