Dionne gives her support

Like other major sporting groups, the NBA landscape is changing from a plethora of moves.

Everyone is affected, especially the Los Angeles Lakers. Last year’s undisputed champion has seen Trevor Ariza walk while adding Ron Artest and seem on the verge of letting Odom leave as well.

In spite of the moves the feelings of most Lakers fans remains upbeat. In Cayman one of the most vocal and steadfast supporters is Dionne Anglin.

Anglin dates her support back to her childhood under another big Lakers fan in Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro. She says the strength of the Lakers lies in their team-work.

‘The Lakers were very effective because of the personnel they possess. Tex Winters and Phil Jackson drew up the offense, Kobe scored at will and Pau Gasol, Trevor Ariza and Lamar Odom completed it.

‘It’s all about chemistry. The Lakers had a great season using a complete team and it was great seeing their run to the title.’

Anglin, who is a star in her own right in local women’s basketball, says enough cannot be said about the way Kobe played.

‘Kobe is a definite leader and he can do it all. He has an under-rated jump-shot, he can defend, rebound. He is the greatest in the game right now.

‘People are always comparing him with Michael Jordan. He’s doing things that Jordan never did. Whether that makes him better than Jordan though is debatable.’

In spite of Kobe’s play and the season the Lakers had, not everyone is convinced of a repeat. Some pundits say the East, with all the moves to date, could produce a team to dethrone LA. Cleveland is a popular choice as they signed Shaquille O’Neal.

Boston is also a contender with the addition of Rasheed Wallace and the return of a healthy Kevin Garnett. Orlando, even with losing Hedo Turkoglu, still boast Dwight Howard along with Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis.

In spite of the renewed efforts of the East to get strong Anglin remains committed to her team.

‘Kevin Garnett should make a drastic difference for the Celtics. Next year is going to be a different deal, especially with Rasheed.

‘With Cleveland, Shaq and Lebron are going to do damage. Although I find that move all about getting Lebron a ring and nothing more.

‘There’s no way I see them beating LA, the Lakers are the best! In all seriousness though those East teams are good but to me the Lakers have it all.’

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