Stingers too fierce for Wildcats

Women’s softball reached an interesting conclusion at the Field of Dreams on Saturday night.

It the second game of the Cayman Islands Softball Association Women’s Fastpitch championships.

The match was between the CADC Stingers and Deutsche Bank Wildcats. Having won game one of the best of three series the previous week, Stingers were looking to seal the title.

Stingers came out hot from the start scoring four runs in the first inning.

Wildcats answered scoring two runs with hits by Dionne Whittaker, Wyvonne Forbes, and AnnMarie Douglas.

In the second inning Stingers were not able to score as the Wildcats pitching and defense was on top of their game. Wildcats scored one in the second to make it 4-3 game. In the third inning, both teams scored three. That’s when the bats went to work. Stingers scored eight runs with good hits from Amy Smith, Jessica McDowell, and Rachael Manderson. Wildcats scored two making it 15-8.

Stingers looked to have it in the bag but it was not a foregone conclusion. Both teams went scoreless in the fifth inning with outstanding pitching and defense from both teams.

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Stingers had something else left.

Jessica Derrick started the bats with a home run to centerfield in the top of the sixth inning. The next two batters got out, and then Shamar Ennis sent another blast over left-field fence.

Next up, Lori Moncrieffe, who again went deep over left-field fence for the third home run in the inning. Needless to say at this time everyone was stunned. With two outs, Jessica Cribb came to the plate.

The Wildcats coach called timeout to talk to his pitcher. The pitch count went two balls two strikes and then incredibly, another blast went over left-field fence for the fourth home run of the inning, and Cribb’s second of the game. Stingers were amazed.

The fearless Wildcats kept their cool and scored two more runs in the bottom of that inning to make it a 19-10 game.

Wildcats defense took charge in the top of the seventh and held Stingers to a scoreless inning but Stingers were on top and all they had to do was to hold off the Wildcats.

With pitcher Jessica Cribb tiring, Wildcats started their own rally. Crystal Bush walked on and scored. Stingers got their first out, but had to face the top of the order.

Both Margo Whittaker and Wyvonne Forbes got on with hits and scored making it 19-13.

The Deutsche Bank Wildcats had bases loaded waiting for that perfect hit to drive in more runs.

Stingers fans were on the edge of their seats, fingers crossed waiting for Cribb to close out the game.

She needed an out to slow down the start of a comeback when the next batter hit a pop-up for out number two.

With her tank almost empty, she dug deep and struck out the next batter for the third out. The game was finally over and Stingers were champs.

The next significant action from the Cayman Islands Softball Association comes when it hosts the Tri-State tournament on 4-7 September.

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