Players prefer indoor surface

Indoor basketball is drastically different from the outdoor version.

There is no weather to affect play, the court has a softer surface and all in all there is a relatively smaller chance of injury.

These things may not come through much looking on but are clear from playing on the court.

One person who can attest to the difference is Perry Levy.

Levy is a guard for the Esso Blazers basketball team. He has played local basketball for a few years and has played many games on the outdoor court by Cox Lumber.

This Tuesday Levy was on the Blazers team that played on the first night of indoor basketball.

In Levy’s eyes the court’s surface is as good as advertised.

‘The court feels good. It’s less pressure on my joints. Running and jumping on the court is so much easier. I only feel like I’ve played a minute on this versus having aches on my legs and shoulders from the other court.’

Apparently those feelings were shared among his team-mates as they took control of the game and beat the Wolves 54-44.

Their performance and that of the other two teams in the indoor league impressed many in local basketball.

Among is female player and Coach Theresa Hamil. Hamil coaches the George Town Sports Club during the men’s league and plays for the Esso Blazers in the women’s league.

In her eyes the first night was a good sign that local hoops can make the shift indoors permanently.

‘It’s a good thing to see. It looks promising for the rest of local basketball. Hopefully hoops shifts all of its leagues indoors so me and my teams can get a chance to play indoors.’

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