Hoops fly indoors

A lot of nervous energy surrounded local basketball’s shift indoors.

But on Tuesday the only kind of energy on display was raw and relentless.

That is because the Arts and Recreation Center at Camana Bay hosted the first games of the 2009 Cayman Islands Basketball Association Indoor League.

Two matches were played in front of a crowd of some 60 people with Mattysports.com, Shaolin, Wolves and the Esso Blazers all in action in division one of the league.

The first game showed the players were eager to get on the court as a plethora of fast-break chances categorized the first half.

Most of the running was done by Collin Anglin and Omari Corbin of Shaolin who poured on the pressure with their spirited runs.

However the game remained tight with their competitors being essentially the Silver Bullets team from the national men’s league.

Among the stars on the team were Deandre Simpson, Kwei General and Josh Cotterell.

The match eventually came down to free-throw shooting. Filipino hoops star Christian Ferrer was the hero hitting numerous clutch shots down the stretch to seal the win. The final score read 61-59 in favour of Shaolin.

From there came the highly anticipated match-up between the Wolves and the Blazers as the squads had met up in the last national men’s final.

Esso stayed focused and composed on defense in spite of dribble drives from Carson Fagan and hot shooting from Shawn Smith of the Wolves.

The Wolves played with great energy and the players took some time to adjust to the new surface. The result was their shots were off and the defense was not tight enough.

Esso had the game in hand midway through the first half and never looked back. The final score would read 54-44 in favour of the Blazers.

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