More multiples in motion

Twenty-eight twins, triplets and their single siblings turned up for an afternoon of fun at Motions Gym on last Sunday 26 July. Ranging in age from just four months to four years old, the kids had free run of the gym’s facilities.

According to Cayman Multiples Group organiser Tim Dailey, who arranged the event, it was the most successful gathering to date.

‘We are used to getting around 20 to 25 kids, but this meeting was better attended than ever, with several new members coming out for the fun,’ he said.

Parents of three sets of twins born in the last six months got to swap stories about the first few months with their twins, while older kids took full advantage of the gym’s trampolines, balance beams, uneven bars, zip line and more.

Mr. Dailey said the facilities are suitable for kids of all ages. ‘From the moment they can crawl, there are activities they can participate in,’ he said.

‘Even though the gym’s formal classes start for kids around the one-year-old mark, our younger members have enjoyed having the freedom to crawl around the gym’s padded floor and climb the foam blocks.’

During the event the older kids were treated to one-on-one trampoline bouncing on the gym’s professional grade trampoline with Coach Sorin Rad.

‘The gym coaches are always great with the kids, encouraging them to try new things, follow routines and have fun at the same time,’ said Mr. Dailey.

Motions Gym is located on Sparky Drive and offers classes through the week and on Saturdays for youngsters from 12 months old to eight-years and up, as well as an evening of ‘Adult Gym’ for 16 years and older.

The 9,500 square foot, air conditioned facility boasts professional grade gymnastics equipment for almost all types of floor routine gymnastics.