Torres is fitter than ever

Local tennis coach Eduardo Torres may be 37 but he feels like a 21-year-old at the moment.

Super fit from not just coaching kids in his favourite sport, Torres is also a three-hour marathon runner who regularly finishes in the top three of Cayman’s 26.2 mile race every December.

That punishing schedule has paid off. At the recent Island Games in Aland, near Finland, Torres retained his tennis title, beating the local hero in the final.

‘We arrived at the Island Games after about 36 hours of travel, exhausted and started playing soon after,’ he said.

‘The competition was good. I prepared for the games by focusing on fitness and that was a big plus because in the end it was my endurance that helped me outlast the other guys.

‘All my matches were pretty tough, tight games. I had some intense rallies that went on for a long time. The score from the semi-final was 4-6, 6-3, 10-5 and in the final it was 6-3, 7-5.

‘My teammates were very supportive and that helped me especially in the final when I was up against Aland’s own Peter Forsstrom.

‘I also knew I had the support of friends and family in Cayman. My girlfriend Emilie and my daughter Kayla were there in spirit and in my heart. My good friend Mike Ryan helped me a lot through sponsorship for the games.

‘In the future I hope to compete more and also continue with marathons. I feel marathons allow me to push myself personally but I love having the opportunity to work with a team and represent the Cayman Islands.

‘At home I am working to improve tennis opportunities and training availability on the island especially for young people through my company Torres Top Tennis.’