Assembly clerk leaves post

Legislative Assembly, Clerk Wendy Lauer Ebanks left her post for retirement Friday.

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush acknowledged in the LA recently that Ms Ebanks would be missed as well as her impressive grasp on House procedure and practice.

Highlighting her competence and efficiency, Mr. Bush said, ‘She has organised the sittings, meetings and sessions of the Assembly with well-oiled proficiency.’ According to Mr. Bush the retiring clerk proved her mettle in organising and conducting the LA’s activities as well as establishing the LA.

‘The public is generally unaware that the LA office is a behind-the-scenes hub of activity. Nor do they know that for the last eight years, it has been Ms Ebanks’ hand guiding those activities,’ Mr. Bush said.

He expressed his gratitude and appreciation toward Ms Ebanks. ‘Thus on behalf of my fellow MLAs, my Cabinet colleagues, and you, Madam Speaker, I thank LA Clerk Ms Wendy Lauer Ebanks and say kudos for a job well done.’

From left are Wendy Lauer Ebanks and LoGB McKeeva Bush. Photo: Submitted