Turn to UCCI to earn a good MBA

A Master of Business Administration, commonly known as an MBA, is a broad degree covering a range of issues associated with business and management in contemporary contexts.

Ms Mathews

Ms Mathews

It is applicable to all businesses and professions as it is now widely recognised that there are business and management implications in every business activity including the public sector.

An MBA is a sound, strategic decision to complement every qualification that you may hold.

As one financial controller in Cayman said, ‘A good MBA exposes you to a higher level of management and decision making.’

What is a ‘good’ MBA?

There are a multitude of MBAs available to take. These range from extremely short ‘quick and dirty’ low-cost degrees that are available online usually from organisations with little or no reputation.

A ‘good’ MBA will help you to understand the connections in a business. A ‘good’ MBA will help a finance candidate understand what the marketing function, operations function, HR function, etc…do to accomplish the mission of the organisation.

A ‘good’ MBA enables you to reflect on business as a whole and to see the synergy between all aspects of an organisation.

MBAs with specialist offerings provide for broad understandings as well as in-depth business and management knowledge associated with a specific area of business or professional practice.

For example, a financial controller who undertakes an MBA with a specialisation in finance and accounting will develop deep understanding of business and management in the context of financial management.

A ‘good’ MBA is associated with a reputable organisation, is taught by highly qualified faculty with relevant experience and adds to knowledge through the incorporation of research which is relevant to the person’s world of work.

Is it better to undertake an MBA online?

This is an individual decision. Some people are well disciplined and can manage on-line study very successfully. Others enjoy the interaction offered in small classes with plenty of opportunity for discussion with colleagues and professors.

What does an MBA at UCCI offer you?

At UCCI, an MBA starts with an Executive Certificate in Management offered in conjunction with the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. (The Rotman School of Management is a recognised leader in this field and is situated within the prestigious University of Toronto.) This certificate covers a broad range of topics associated with contemporary business and management which include:

• International Trade & Economics

• Business Strategy

• Project Management & Business Improvement

• Strategic Human Resource Management

• International Accounting and Finance

• Leadership and Management

• International Marketing

• Organizational Governance in Private & Public sectors

The MBA continues with an opportunity for participants to choose an area for specialisation.

Specialisations currently on offer include:

• Finance & Accounting

• Human Resource Management

• Marketing

• Public Administration

• (Aviation Management currently in the planning stages)

Participants at UCCI complete their MBA with an individually planned research project based on a relevant work issue.

At UCCI, all classes in the MBA are held in the Executive Training Centre where opportunities for group discussion are maximized and local, national and international examples are provided throughout the program. Classes are offered at times to suit a busy professional and professors at UCCI who teach in all Masters Degrees hold PhD qualifications and have relevant experience.

Interested in an MBA at UCCI?

Contact Ms Carolyn Mathews at the University College of the Cayman Islands [email protected] or call 5265017

She is director of Graduate Studies and Executive Training at UCCI. Her Master’s Degree is in Human Resource Management and her PhD is in Organizational Learning, awarded from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

Ms Mathews teaches in the Masters Degree in Human Resource Management at UCCI and offers a consultancy service to business and industry in organisational learning.

A ‘good’ MBA enables you to reflect on business as a whole and to see the synergy between all aspects of an organisation.