Jamaica’s independence celebration

Jamaica officially celebrated its 47th anniversary of independence yesterday, 6 August. However, the Jamaican community of Cayman will today be celebrating with numerous activities.

Jamaicans dancing

Jamaicans dancing and having a good time at last years independence celebration. Photo: Submitted

The merriment begins with a breakfast that includes Jamaican favourites such as chocolate tea, roast breadfruit, the Jamaican national dish ackee and saltfish, fritters, fried dumplings, liver, mackerel, peanut porridge and much more, on Cardinal Avenue.

If the previous treats weren’t enough to make your mouth water, in the afternoon the public is again invited for lunch on Cardinal Avenue for more Jamaican fare, which includes roast and steam fish, jerk chicken and pork, manish water and the beloved blue draws (cornmeal and potato pudding).

‘Jamaica’s independence is a time for Jamaicans to relive the independence experience, and food, as well as other cultural activities such as dancing and singing are a way we do this,’ said member of the Jamaican Independence Celebration committee Sandra Stephens.

‘It is a time for Jamaicans to meet other Jamaicans and reunite with those that they haven’t seen in a long time,’ said Ms Stephens.

Noting that the celebration is not limited to only nationals of Jamaica, Ms Stephens added, ‘We want people from all walks of life to come out and celebrate with us. It will be a good time, plus Jamaicans love to share their culture.’

The commemoration will conclude in the night with a grand jerk festival which will feature entertainment from reggae great George Nooks, and popular Jamaican DJ Arif Cooper.

‘The night event celebration is always memorable, but more importantly we also see it as a time for the youths to feel empowered and want to contribute to the development of society’ said Ms Stephens.

Wishing all Jamaicans a happy independence Ms Stephens added, ‘I hope that we as Jamaicans continue to grow from strength to strength and overcome the challenges we face.’