FC Intl kicks off annual football camp today

The number of youth-related crimes in Cayman has made for a tough summer.

Public focus is squarely on getting the youth positively active and the usual summer camps now have added significance.

One summer camp that can impact the youth is the annual FC International football camp.

The Annex field in George Town will be the sight of the 2009 camp from 9am to 1pm today through to Friday.

At that point the camp shifts its locale to Savannah Primary for a one-day session from 9am until 1pm.

As usual the camp will see community guest speakers from different entities including the Red Cross, Hazard Management and the RCIPS.

Parents are reminded that for both venues someone will be available to receive kids from 8am.

FC International has been in existence for some 15 years in Cayman and its summer camp has been ongoing just as long.

The chief men behind the football club and its camp are President Kennedy Ebanks and Technical Director Elbert McLean.

McLean is the main coach for FC International though he was busy last week leading the Bodden Town Football Club summer camp.

FC International received much community support for this year’s camp. A number of politicians from the ruling United Democratic Party stepped forward to pledge their assistance.

The most notable from that group were Ellio Solomon, Mark Scotland (who is also the Minister of Sports) and Dwayne ‘John John’ Seymour.

In addition Cayman Islands Football Association President Jeff Webb also gave his support.

One of the biggest and most surprising supporters is the governor, His Excellency Stuart Jack.

Last week Jack, alongside Ellio Solomon and Webb, officially opened the camp in front of a sizeable crowd of young footballers at the Annex field.

The official opening culminated with His Excellency making a ceremonial first kick. Sadly, due to his lack of football experience in school (he was actually big on rugby) it wasn’t much of anything.

Nevertheless the governor says he came forward to help boost Cayman’s youth and encourage healthy activity.

‘Summer camps are absolutely vital and important for the kids of these islands. FC International’s camp has proven over the years to promote healthy living and good exercise. That, to me, can only be great for the kids themselves and these islands.’

Webb meanwhile stated his support came from a desire to see change in Cayman through football.

‘FC International has done so much work for the kids of these islands and they are dedicated to helping every child from George Town to the Brac.

‘Their activities are so important to the youth and these islands, especially in these times. I’m keen on the young ones keeping active and enjoying the great sport of football.’

As usual FC International President Kennedy Ebanks was grateful for the support.

‘I thank everyone that has given their support this year and in previous years. It is such a blessing to see people who are willing to support kids no matter what else happens in life.’