Alexander Hotel welcomed on Brac

The opening of the Alexander Hotel on the Brac is important not only in terms of post Paloma redevelopment but also because it signifies a gain in Cayman Brac getting a piece of the tourism market that we here in Grand Cayman have reaped so much of over the last couple of decades.

A hotel like that which does the basic of what travellers need (accommodation, food and beverage) helps set up other areas for local individuals to become their own bosses.

Taxi drivers will be needed to take these people to and from the airport and around the Island so any individual looking for to make their own hours and answer to themselves can look at this as an option.

Fisherman and farmers now also have another venue to sell their wares as visitors will always want to get the freshest food they can get, knowing that they are right near the source of the food.

Local musicians and DJ’s then have another spot to showcase their talents thus exposing them to not only local residents but visitors who are looking for culture and not just what we think they want.

Cayman Brac, if done right, can be the unspoiled Caribbean destination with culture and nature while having a manageable influx of visitors that both they and residents will appreciate. Brackers don’t want too much development, just enough that everyone gets a piece, nut just one person.

Brian Ebanks