Cut pay at the top

So why not set an example of what should happen starting at the top?

No one wants to take a pay cut, but it would help the little man feel better to know that the top man takes a cut in his pay also. Most people learn by example, so try setting one.

All of these big time pay checks should be cut by 25 per cent. We should start by getting rid of all these external consulting companies. We must have hired a consulting company for every problem the Government had encountered in the past four years.

How many non-Caymanian are holding big government jobs?

Get rid of them, and put the Caymanian there. Change all this, and for God’s sake look into the Water Authority! (Another Government Company gone haywire!)

Check the top officials’ salaries out! The police on the roads are clogging up the courts with such minor traffic violations that it has gotten down right ridiculous! (Sticker expired, driver licence expired by one day, parking tickets).

I understand the need for the insurance, but Government has failed to bring some kind of a regulation on these insurance companies, which are charging so much for a vehicle insurance coverage, that is mandatory by law!

The last thing I could hear is that the older the car, the higher the insurance! The Government needs to be for the people not against the people.

Sarah Christian