Today’s Editorial August 13: Why make it personal?

What kind of cowards hide behind guns?

That’s just one of the questions we have to ask in today’s society that is Grand Cayman.

If someone has a problem with Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale they should approach her, without guns.

What the shooter or shooters did last week when they fired on Mrs. Ramsay-Hale’s home was put innocent children at risk.

It is by the grace of God that no one in the home was killed when shots were fired and penetrated walls and windows of the house.

We can only imagine the outrage that Mrs. Ramsay-Hale is feeling.

Everyone in the Cayman Islands should feel the same outrage.

Many of us are also feeling helpless and vulnerable.

But we shouldn’t. We should stand firm against the thugs that are trying to take our country from us.

People know who is bringing illegal weapons into this country. Neighbours know who is stashing guns. Report them. Now.

We have a new police commissioner who, by all accounts so far, is willing to listen and act. But the police can’t solve the problem of illegal weapons on Grand Cayman or in the country by themselves. They need the help of us all.

Somebody knows who fired the shots as Mrs. Ramsey-Hale’s home. Tell the police or someone within the judiciary.

Mrs. Ramsey-Hale is a professional doing her job.

No professional doing his or her job should have to worry about their children being put in jeopardy because of that job.

People who offend know the consequences of their actions. They’re taking a gamble on whether they are caught. Why make it personal when the offender receives the appropriate sentence at the hand of a judge doing his or her job?

Judges will not be scared away. If one leaves, another will come.