Kehoe’s kicks made youngsters nervy

In the second Test of the Reggie Hannon Memorial Trophy the Under-30 squad earned their second straight win against their Over-30s counterparts.

Unlike the first Test, this one was a much closer affair with the lead exchanging hands four times.

Indeed, it wasn’t until a late charge by the U30s which resulted in two tries to secure the win, was the game decided.

The Over-30s were unusually short on numbers for the day and the youngsters had spares in abundance.

The younger squad, being made up of young and very fit players from the U19s and Emerging Cayman squads were simply too much for the older players to cope with in a long game.

The O30s back line had an outstanding game with big Mike Hawkins and Steve ‘The Bearded Baker’ Henshaw at centre, Marcus Cumber who gave up a fishing trip to come out and play scrum half, Kerri ‘The Dirty Kiwi’ Tasker at fly half, Anthony ‘The Hands’ Akiwumi on the wing and Mick ‘The Mick’ Kehoe at full back all helped hold the tide against a young, very fast group of backs and to drive the ball forward time and time again giving Kehoe the opportunity to put points through the posts.

Kehoe’s kicking was the key to the O30s staying in contention. There had been talk about the quality of his catching before the game but none could complain about his kicking after the final whistle.

The Over-30s forwards pack dominated the for bulk of the game barring some early strong showings from the youngster early on but as expected the older side had the size and weight to beat the youngsters in the scrum.

Big Paul Parker scored under the posts for the more mature side whilst the opposition stood, all 15 of them, and watched the bullish prop hurtling toward the try line and not one of them even dared move to stop him! The final score was 26-16.

The final Test is set for 19 September and although the O30s cannot win the cup the old fellas are out to stop a whitewash of games and restore pride in their efforts