Submit Arts and Culture nominations now

Nominations are now being accepted for the 16th Annual National Arts and Culture Awards.

An initiative of theCayman National Cultural Foundation, the Arts and Culture Awards recognise those who have made a significant contribution to arts and culture; achieved a high quality body of creative work or supported the work of CNCF. The heritage and artistic awards have undergone a transformation in name, criteria and the physical look of the awards.

The awards known as the Radley Gourzong Lifetime Achievement Award and Cultural Heritage Award are now The CNCF Heritage Cross Medal.

Nominations from the general public are accepted for the heritage awards until 27 August.

The CNCF Heritage Cross Medal is awarded to those who have a consistent and active, quality engagement in the preservation and / or celebration of Caymanian cultural heritage. The recipient must be Caymanian by birth or status grant or a long term resident.

The Heritage Cross Medal has three divisions. The Gold is for a lifetime (minimum of 20 years) of quality engagement in the preservation/celebration of Caymanian culture. This award may be given posthumously. The Silver is for a minimum of ten years and the Bronze is for a minimum of five years quality engagement in the preservation/celebration of Caymanian culture. Details of the criteria for each award division are available on the CNCF website:, click on Arts and Culture Awards under Open Door to the Arts.

The nominations must be submitted in writing describing how the nominee has measurably contributed to the preservation and/or celebration of Caymanian culture over the specified period. The submission must include the name and contact information of the person making the nomination and contact information for the nominee. Nominations may be made through the post by mailing to Arts & Culture Awards, PO Box 30201, Grand Cayman KY1-1201 Cayman Islands. Nominations may also be emailed to [email protected].

Awards for artistic endeavour, achievement and excellence are replaced with the CNCF Star for Creativity in the Arts Medal. Arts organisations in Cayman are invited to make nominations for this award. The CNCF Star also has three divisions. Gold for a lifetime body of work (minimum of 20 years) that is of consistent, high quality creativity recognised in Cayman or internationally; Silver for a minimum of 15 years of work and Bronze for a minimum of five years of work that is of consistent, high quality creativity recognised in Cayman or internationally.

The award recipients are selected bv the CNCF Grants and Awards Committee.

CNCF’s Artistic Director Henry Muttoo designed both medals. This year’s awards ceremony is part of the CNCF 25th Anniversary Celebration that is planned for October.