Capture precious baby memories at every milestone

(ARA) – As a proud new parent, you want to make sure that you capture every precious moment of your new baby’s life. It’s tempting to hit the nearest photography studio for a quick professional session, but in these tough times, that can be costly and time-consuming.


Capture every moment of your babies life. Photo: File

For families on a budget, learning how to take great photography at home can be easy and fun.

‘Taking beautiful pictures of your new baby is a great way to preserve life-long memories. By following a few simple steps, anyone can learn to take baby photos that they can be proud of,’ says Jodie Otte, the photographer behind the Similac Advance EarlyShield advertising campaign.

Here, Otte reveals her tips on how to take and archive the best shots of your newborn and protect your memories.

* Get natural: When taking a picture of your newborn, you want the ‘soft glow’ to emanate. The best way to achieve that is through natural lighting. Place your baby in a spot that is exposed to a lot of bright, indirect light void of shadows. Do not use a flash and raise your ISO speed to about 400.

* Practice patience: Infants are fueled by curiosity. Everything captures their attention. Try to get them to focus on one object throughout the shoot. Also, it’s a great idea to take a few test shots to ensure you have the perfect light and that your baby is comfortable. Once you have the best shot possible, snap away.

* Go black and white: Although color prints are vibrant and fun, make sure to print an array of photos in black and white. Not only are these photos classic and timeless, but they’re also the best option when trying to attain that professional look.

* Sharing is caring: Once you have the perfect shot of your new tot, make sure to share with friends and family. Cutting and pasting baby photos into an album is a thing of the past. To save time and cash, upload photos to free Web sites such as and create a personalized baby photo book. Need to add more photos? No problem — simply insert another page in your virtual baby book.

* Store safely: After countless captured memories, be sure to have hard copies as well and archive photos with care. Choose albums that are acid- and lignin-free in order to prevent photos from yellowing or becoming damaged. Look for plain pages without adhesives and always make sure to use page protectors and pocket corners. Store photo albums in a cool, dry, dark place that does not have dramatic temperature fluctuations.

Learning how to take professional baby photos has never been easier with these simple steps. Make sure you don’t miss another opportunity to capture a memory with your baby.