Boston finds FAST team totally smashing

The FAST Defense team was in Boston recently spreading its self-defence philosophy and once again they were a roaring success.

Bob Daigle and Bill Kipp taught a series of FAST Defense seminars in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fear Adrenal Stress Training was devised by Kipp over 20 years ago and is acknowledged as one of the best self-defence techniques in the world.

It teaches verbal and body language skills when a potential victim is in a dangerous situation and the best ways to tackle a predator if it gets physical. Kipp travels the world with his wife Debra Thomas teaching FAST Defense and since introducing it to Cayman in March it has taken off significantly with the couple returning frequently.

The instructors pretend to be ‘woofers’ (attackers) to simulate real street attacks and at the end of the instruction they put on their ‘bulletmen’ protective suits to allow students to hit them with full force, again to simulate a real attack.

Daigle is the Caribbean director of FAST Defense who wants to help Kipp and Thomas introduce it to everyone in Cayman and so empower a nation.

Daigle, a karate instructor and former world champion, said: ‘It was great bringing this powerful technology to where I grew up as a child. We taught a children’s anti-bullying and anti-abduction seminar to children ages 6-12.

‘I was excited to teach these young kids how to back off the bullies with the power of their voice and assertive demeanour. I wished I had this training when I was a child. Growing up in Boston as a shy kid I was easy prey for bullies.

‘I was happy to hear that the children and parents felt this training was extremely beneficial and will recommend it to all their friends.

‘We also taught an adult basics seminar with people travelling as far as Pennsylvania and New Hampshire to take advantage of this training.

‘The weapons seminar was awesome. There was a mixture of beginner students to advanced. I enjoyed fighting this guy name Dave Hall. He was about 6ft 3in and weighed about 270 pounds. He is also a FAST Combatives instructor and hit like a Mack truck.

‘Bill and I had to team up to give him a good fight.’

Daigle hopes to return to Boston next summer to help teach more FAST Defense seminars.

‘Also, while I’ve been away I’ve been receiving requests for more seminars in Cayman for September.’

  • Anyone interested in attending a FAST Defence seminar or booking a corporate seminar should contact Bob Daigle at [email protected]